Monday, January 19, 2015

Using the RotoRig.... what is a RotoRig???

I am glad you asked.  I am here today to talk about my experience so far with the Rotorig. For those unfamiliar here is the video

Well I built it with the help of my Father-in-law who is an awesome engineer! The whole thing cost about $65 dollars to make, which is not bad when you look at jib prices. The two white brackets you see in the photo are actually larger than the prescribed ones as they are near impossible to get. (Again my Father-in-law. Brilliant!)

It really needs a hefty tripod to support the 5+ pounds if you want to swing it around any, but I have been practicing and within a week I have started to gain control of it. I still need to work with it more.
Remember this is a camera Jib (Crane) and shoulder Rig, you can use it two way. That is great!

I plan on using it in out upcoming short film “In Memoriam” An epic battle in the snow! I also plan on using it for our web series “TheRealm” That is really the idea behind the short is to get used to filming fight sequences and to test out the rig.

You won’t see its use till probably Episode 7 forward as of this writing we have shot the first 6.
Also if you plan on building it either get help while using it or be prepared to awkwardly unscrew wing nuts as you try to attack the camera to either of the two sides…but perhaps you will master better than I.

Below is a video I made at early attempts to master this awesome device. With a little more practice I shall be ready for our January 31 shoot of “In Memoriam” Wish me luck and I hope this helps someone!


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