Friday, December 26, 2014

Get ready for THE REALM!

The Realm. The story of James Lockwood (Sacco Sarkis) and a mysterious girl (Kimberley Miller) he finds naked on his doorstep who has no memory of herself and magic powers. They race to discover who she is and why people from her realm are crossing over to our world to capture or kill her. We follow the story both here on Earth and in The Realm, but eventually the two worlds will collide!

Here we are six months till The Realm premieres and already we have our first teaser trailer out and the main theme has been released to the masses. We are very excited to get things rolling and will be promoting the web series very heavy between March-June with special features and such before during and after season one airs.

Things to look forward to: 

Inside The Realm: This 1-3min show will feature interviews and clips with the cast and the crew to give an insight into the behind the scenes of the show. The three episodes will be released before the first episode of The Realm then during our season 1 break Inside the realm will air the 1st and 15th of every month until season 2 comes out. (See we want to keep you entertained!)
Secrets of The Realm: This special (Length not determined yet) will feature Tony and Allyson Diana and some cast members as we look back at season one and reveal where SOME of the hidden clues and Easter Eggs are in each episode. This will help to prime you guys to keep a keen eye on season 2 to get ahead of your friends on the mystery.
The Movie! : If all goes well and season 1&2 prove popular we want to finish the story off with a blockbuster styled film. We will be using crowd funding during season 2 to hopefully raise enough money to make the most amazing film to end our story of two world’s right!
But wait there is more.
Tony is working hard behind the scenes to get the cast and crew of The Realm beyond the web. He is currently talking to Comic Con people and news outlets to get our story out there and into the world at large. We will keep you up to date on all things Realm both here and on our Facebook page.
Help spread the word for the exciting project and join the Realmpire!

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