Friday, May 15, 2015

"Ahh I get it now."

Well it’ll be a little over a month till The Realm premiers and I am filled with joy and terror. We have been working on this show for over a year with planning pre-production and such and now it’s about to be real.

I want it to do well obviously, so many talented people helping out both in front and behind the camera and yet I don’t want to let any of them down. I suppose if nothing else this experiment shows how a vast amount of creative people can come together to create something that means something  for each of them.

I have a great deal of confidence in the story I made and how Allyson (My wife) brilliantly fleshed it out and gave my characters life, real human moments and connected it all to tell the story of The Realm.

I really think this blog is just a place to rest my nerves and give a release to the stress and excitement about this project of our passions. A year from now when we are entering season two I am sure I will be in the same state if not worst because I know it will be over shortly thereafter.

As any creator of an idea can tell you it’s always scary to expose a part of yourself to the world and hope they find something they like in it. I suppose that is the test in the end…can apart of you reach out and touch another person and give you a sense of connection. That moment when they watch it and say “Ahh I get it now.” That is my favorite part.
There are shows I have watched and loved moments when it all came together or  two characters finally kissed and so on. I want to have those moments with The Realm. The moments I enjoyed so much as a viewer.

I also wanted to take the things I enjoyed most and translate them into dramatic setting. These things being Anime, Dungeons & Dragons and romance. I know…that is a weird trio of things to blend together but none the less these things have given me great comfort and joy through my life so I wanted to explore aspects of them in my creation.

Perhaps one day if there is interest I will point out what element is what in the series or maybe, just maybe I can reach across the web and make a connection with someone and they will say “Ahh I get it now.”

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