Sunday, November 23, 2014

Promoting The Realm.

Ok so we are about 7 months till we premier The Realm and one thing I have learnt from other web series is that it is important to pre promote you show in order to get a following. I can understand that you really want to create buzz for the thing you have been working on for so so long.

A couple of things I am feeling and hope that helps anyone else trying to do this.
For starters never feel like your project is not worthwhile. After a few hours of spreading the word on social media and such you tend to see a lot of mainstream projects pop up (Avengers, GOT, Doctor Who) It can be intimidating and you start thinking “well my little project is nowhere near those guys.” That’s not the point. Keep in mind that you have worked very hard to forge this idea into reality and others may still appreciate even if it is not Start Trek J
Second list, list and more lists. Keep a record of where you have been and who you sent what to. You don’t want to make the mistake of resending a press release or vid to someone twice. You can seem pushy that way and they will not even bother with you.

Finally at the end of the day just remember you have done all that you can for now…there is always tomorrow and the next day. It does not all have to be done at once. You may feel like Actors, Crew and such are depending on you to help them get their names out but ultimately you are all working together and that is why you do the work you do on the project.

I hope this helps you…It helps me to vent out a little. Until next time

Tony Diana

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