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The B-Movie Cycle

The B-Movie Cycle

I have had a long time fascination with B-movies ever since I was a child. I would stay up late and watch USA Up All Night or whatever I could back when we had only the odd three stations.
They always entertained me in the fact of the lack of regard for scripting, acting and camera work. I always wondering if they even cared about what they were making at the time or just having fun throwing things together.
Now an adult and I dabble in filmmaking I understand the restraints of low budget and the struggle to get talent.

That aside B-movies are a love of mine Ed Wood, Roger Corman and even Golan and Globus.
To that end once I started filmmaking my immediate goal was to make a bad movie, ok I digress to make a B-movie in the style that entertained me as a youth.

Our first movie at Butterfleye Films was in fact “Attack of the Atomic Zombies”(AOTAZ) a love letter to the 1950’s Atomic Age films. It was fun and rewarding to make. (It even got us to Boston Comic Con where we showed the film to standing room only) great memories with friends and family making that picture.You can watch it here:Attack of the Atomic Zombies

With that film under my belt, I decided I want to do the B-Movie Cycle: Put simply make a B-movie from each of these time periods the 50's ,60’s,70’s, and 80's. check the 50’s off with AOTAZ.
The next one we tried was the 1980’s. we only made a handful of trailers but it proved it could work for us. The film "Night of the Slasher 7: Cabin of the Undead" I like the idea of being in the middle of a fictional slasher series in the 1980's mostly because they made them so damn fast back then. This was also a great deal of fun and very nostalgic as I grew up in the 80's Here are the trailers:

That leave only two more to make the 1960’s and 1970s. For the 1960’s I really want it to be a beach film with aliens perhaps but it must be a musical. That would be a lot of fun since I am a musician.
The 1970’s B-movie will probably deal with Satanism, time travel and black exploitation themes because you know the 70’s  time will tell what will happen with these but I just wanted to share one of my goals while I make films. I hope you have enjoyed this and keep watch the skies and sewers and wherever else B-movie movie monsters might appear

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