Sunday, September 21, 2014

Filming The Realm!

We are as of this writing two weeks into filming our new web series 'The Realm. You know when people say “I don't think we could have asked for better actors” and you think they are lying, it's actually true in this case. They are a fine and fun bunch of professionals who care about making this the best they can.

I have a personal mantra I use when I enter a scoring gig. “Project before ego.” Meaning I don't care how hard my director is on me because I want to produce the best product I can. These actors have that mentality. No divas or know it all, just sincere people who want to be part of something they can be proud of.
We are not the richest indie  group and don't have all of the latest toy. However, armed with this cast 

and our passion for this story I believe whatever happens by 2017 when all is said and done we will have a product we all know we did our best on and moreover we will all of made great new friendships that we will keep for the rest of our lives.

Thank you to the cast and crew of The Realm for making my dream come true and for your passion to forge it into reality. To my wife Allyson there can be no thank you adequate enough for stepping on the path of The Realm with me.
Tony Diana
Sept. 21 2014

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