Thursday, August 14, 2014

Are you ready for "HARRIGNTON HOSPITAL?

As a part of our new web series “The Realm” we are filming a fictional and funny  soap opera called Harrignton Hospital…wait? What?  Why? I'll explain.

Within the series the main character enigmatically known only as “The girl” (She arrives on our world with amnesia) gets hooked on a soap opera called, you guessed it “Harrington Hospital” I thought it would be great to shoot a series within a series, it's something I have always wanted to do. Badly!

I actually grew up watching soap operas as a kid (General hospital, Guiding Light, Days of our lives.) I was always fascinated by the thought that the people in these stories never found it odd that their lives where turned upside down on an almost daily basis and they still had time to work, do their hair and shop for fabulous outfits and smile.

General Hospital 1980

Now you may only see little bits of the soap here and there, but don't fret. When we finish the first season of “The Realm” We plan on selling DVDs and “Harrington Hospital” will be one of the extras. You can watch the drama unfold in all of its glory.
The soap itself will be all improvised by our wonderful actors with only the tiniest plot to keep them going.
In the meantime here is the title song for the soap to whet your appetite before it all starts!

Tony Diana

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