Monday, March 31, 2014

DIY: Tripod Dolly

Home brew Film Making: Tip #1 Easy Dolly

If you’re like us and are not the richest person in the world but still want to make the best films possible, you’ll find ways to cut corners.
Here is a tip for the low-budget filmmaker that we have used to create a good indoor dolly effect.
What you need:
A tri-pod
1 PKG. of Furniture Pads.
Watch video below, this was made for under $10.00.

Neat right. Well it’s totally easy to do.

Head over to Wal-Mart or even your local hardware store and pick up a package of Furniture Pads, The small round things people put on the legs of furniture to make it easier to move them.
Try to get a size that matches the leg of your tripod. The pads have a sticky bottom so they will adhere to your tri-pod.

I saved the protective paper so that when I remove the pads I can use my tri-pod as tri=pod again but, this Is optional of course.

Once you have the pads on you’re ready to go, Practice a bit and learn the texture of the floor you are shooting on. I find it’s easier to slide the tri-pod with my feet locked as far apart as I want the shot and move it slowly within my frame.
I hope this helps and good luck in your future move making endeavors.

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  1. Nice work, Tony! This should be a good project and hopefully, works well for us.