Friday, December 7, 2012

Timequake all done and set for Boston comic con and beyond

Well it took a year to make and plan but now our Sci-fi Time travel Anthology "Timequake" Is done. Thanks to everyone and all of your support and help.

Timequake is the second feature film from Butterfleye films, It tells the story of Chris Tyler and Ajun who work for the Parallax project, they are time detectives, their job is to find wrinkles in the time stream and correct them.As Chris and Ajun sit in the lounge in the year 3012 they recount four adventures they have encountered. The stories also give the audience clues to the history of time that has led them to this situation.

A Thief in the Night

Set in 1912 Chris and Ajun team up to discover who has killed Duke Grayson. History says he died of natural causes but they discover foul play and must narrow down the culprit. As they search they soon discover that a time thief has infiltrated the manor. Since the thief uses a very cheap form of time travel they are exposed to the harshness of unprotected time travel and create a chronomorph. A being that is part of the time traveler and the result of time  trying to compensate for their existence in multiple time lines. It's a race against time to stop the time thief defeat the chronomorph and solve the murder.

Sometimes it’s the Little Things

Set in 2064 Chris goes back to save Kerra Anne Atropos who died at the hands of Dr. Kyle Clouton. History says Kerra is supposed to live and Chris must fix the timeline. What went wrong and can Chris save Kerra before it's to late.

Ghosts of a Chance.

Set in 2012 Ajun is sent and goes undercover as part of a gang of criminals intent on stealing some very valuable diamonds. Se knows they escape the robbery and hide out in an old school and no one survives. She must find out who will escape and prevent them from ever leaving. Here the diamonds in question belong to the I.T.C and because they are stolen and never recovered it sets the project back about 50 years. The diamonds are the core of the Tesseract Beam that powers the Time Machine. Ajun faces a hard choice and discovers the true job of a Time Agent.


Set in 2313 Chris must find the girl named Marilyn and set her on the course to fix the future. Here the world has collapsed as a result of time travel and the impact it has had. Cyborgs have corralled humanity into small camps that they rule with an iron fist. Marilyn a young woman will change all this and teach people about their forgotten humanity and lead them against the cyborgs and to freedom. Her efforts also eventually help to create the parallax Project, the organization that Chris and Ajun work for. Now Chris has to find Marilyn and keep her out of the hands of the Cyborgs so she can fufil her destiny.

Ultimately all of these stories converge at the end and the fate of the universe hangs in the balance.

The movie will be available for purchase in 2013 and screened at the Boston Comic Con as well a public viewing in 2013

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